ProxyHarvester is a light tool to scrape proxies from over 350 fresh sources. In a simple click you'll get thousands of proxies. There are 240 sources already included, but it's not all! Our engine will scrape the latest fresh sources before each use, for a total of over 350 sources... All is automatic. Unique.

Ready for basic internet connections (manual setting of the timeout). Proxies are for all uses (eg. SEO, ScrapeBox, XRumer, SenukeX, surf anonymously, ...). Guide included about what is a proxy, what is the best proxy checker, the correct settings for proxy checking, ... One of the easiest software to monetize.

For Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 32/64 bits (internet connection necessary).
Auto check if updates are available.


Questions? Feel free to ask, contact support.

BONUS: SimpleProxyChecker - The easy way to check proxies

BONUS: SimpleProxyChecker

You can set up to 1000 threads.
Proxies tested are auto-saved (files Valid.txt and Invalid.txt), so you can stop, close or kill the process at any time.

SimpleProxyChecker can be useful for SEO who wants to test proxies against Google (for scraping with ScrapeBox, Hrefer) or for account registrations (with SEnukeX or XRumer). Also you can check proxies to be used for anonymity or to bypass some country limitations (posting ads on CraigList, Youtube, ...).

You can customize the URL where the proxy must try to connect ; and the string (like a footprint) that must be identified on the page. This step is explained in details in the help file.

Test proxies for: Google, CraigList, Twitter classic & API , Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, ...

Included: Quick help file with all explainations.

- Multi-threaded (up to 1000 threads)
- Max timeout : 120 seconds
- Judge fully customizable
- Check proxies against Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, ...
- Anti-crash (auto-save)
- Low RAM & CPU usage
- Light and portable application

Free for you!

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